Nigerian digital and compliance security company, Identitypass, plans to host its first in a series of in-house hackathons. The company will focus the virtual event around building a safe digital environment for businesses and individuals in Africa.

Kicking off on the 11th of November with applicants’ submissions, till the 23rd of December, the team or individual who designs and builds tools that attempt to solve the problem of insecurity in the digital space for businesses and individuals, leveraging on the robust infrastructure and industry expertise that has been built in identity pass, will be announced the winner.

Niyi Adegboye, Chief Operations Officer at Identiypass said: “This event is put together to allow Software engineers, Product designers, and Startups to build on Identity Pass Infrastructure to showcase the power of the infrastructure we’ve built and to contribute to solving the identity verification challenges in Africa.

Lala Alakija, Chief Marketing Officer at Identitypass said: “We are quite excited about our first hackathon. Building a world-class compliance and security infrastructure to help make everyday life easier for businesses and individuals in Africa by offering them a secure platform free from identity theft, is at the heart of what we do.  We believe that this will be a great opportunity for talented developers to apply their creative expertise to make sure these businesses and individuals remain safe in a non-obstructive way. 

On the award and announcement day, all teams will present their solutions to the Identitypass leadership team and judges. These solutions will be used to showcase the power of Identitypass infrastructure and inspire its next phase.  The winner stands a chance to win $2000 and become a member of the identitypass team. 

To be part of the participants, you can register at 

About Identitypass,

Identitypass is a digital compliance and security company, that delivers seamless identity verification solutions to individuals and businesses in Africa. Launched in January 2021, the company is now powering the verification engine/solution for over 170 Nigerian businesses. 
Current clients include Global Data Consortium, Credpal, Mint, TeamApt, Bundle, and many others. Visit the website on

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