Crowdyvest Limited, a fast-rising Nigerian fintech company that creates an all-encompassing financial solution from savings to investment, has re-launched its mobile app with new investment opportunities.

Currently available on the Apple and Google Playstore, the newly re-launched Crowdyvest mobile app has a very neat user interface that is easy on the eye, with both mobile and desktop versions showing no major difference. The funding process on the app is hassle-free and the app is also very easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile to deliver a seamless and enjoyable experience for its existing and prospective users.

Speaking on the revamped mobile app, Tope Omotolani, CEO of Crowdyvest said “We aim to become the platform that helps our members plan and structure their finances through the different range of products we offer. 

“As we work with organizations in different sectors to power viable and impact-driven projects through the funds we raise from our members, a symbiotic interdependence is created, leading to financial and economic growth for all. We believe this partnership is needed to foster growth and create more opportunities for Africa.”

The re-launched app has introduced a couple of new financial products which include the Crowdyvest Yield. The old app had only the Vault, pace and flex Savings products, Hyperplan investment product, and Crowdyvest Tribe, a platform built on the foundation of community-driven savings and wealth creation, to drive collectivity and foster growth for individuals and businesses but the revamped version has not only included additional products, it has also grouped all Crowdyvest investment offers under one segment known as Crowdyvest Yield.

Crowdyvest Yield is a catalog of alternative offers that include commodity-specific projects and discretionary plans available to members ranging from short to long-term tenors across a wide range of sectors. It consists of the HyperPlan – an impact-driven funding opportunity where users/investors can earn as much as 21% returns on investment, Project investment which is an alternative investment, and commodity-specific type of offer in different sectors, in partnership with pre-vetted impact partners and many more. You can earn as much as 25% returns on project investments.

This new distinction will provide Crowdyvest users a variety of suitable plans to choose from as they build a savings and investment culture based entirely on their capability with product prices as low as ₦1,000 and returns up to 25% per annum.

They also have a wallet that gives up to 3% interest per annum. You can share funds from your Wallet with friends and family who are Crowdyvest members, at no charge at all.

In addition to the upgraded features and newly introduced products of the app, Crowdyvest has partnered with UBA Global Investor Services Limited and Parthian Securities Limited; an investment brokerage firm licensed by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to ensure proper fund utilization, transparency, and compliance thereby assuring its users of the safety of their funds.

How It Works

On launching the Crowdyvest app you’re taken straight to the log-in/sign-up page where you’re expected to create a new account as a new user or log in as a returning one. Once you click on the “create one” option, you’re instructed to choose between creating an individual or business account. The user is then instructed to fill in basic details like name, surname, password, username, email address, phone number, gender, date of birth, and in the case of a business account information like business name, business date of birth is also required. You will then be required to verify your account with a passcode sent to your mail. Once this is done, your Crowdyvest account is ready for use.

You will however be instructed to fill in your bank details and create a 6 digit security PIN to carry out any financial transaction. Once you type in the name of your bank and account number, the name attached to that bank account (which is your full name) shows up. Your BVN is also required. This takes less than 5 seconds to be verified by the app. You are then required to create a 6 digit security PIN to complete transactions. Once the PIN is created, a passcode is sent to your mail to authenticate it and you’re now fully ready to use the Crowdyvest mobile app.

How To Navigate The App

Having done the necessary registrations, the account is now ready for use. On the homepage, there is a column on the right of the screen with several icons on how to use the app. It includes the homepage, portfolio, savings (vault, pace, and flex), yields (hyper plan, project, etc.), deals and offers, transactions, and profile icons through which new users can easily navigate their way through the app. 

The entire process takes less than 7 minutes, after which you can begin your journey to financial freedom via a seamless and hassle-free online banking experience. Download IOS or Android version.

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