Startup funding has long been a growth pointer for Africa’s tech ecosystem. It informs questions such as ‘How much are African startups raising?’, “Which region is seeing the most funding?”, “What are the key sectors?”, and so on. The problem, however, is that the ecosystem doesn’t get these numbers until the end of the year when data publications, including TechCabal, begin to release reports.

Source: TechCabal

This essentially means that stakeholders, especially investors, who need these insights have to take on the job of tracking and analysing the data themselves, a process that is extremely strenuous. This is why TechCabal Insights built  DealFlow, a dashboard that tracks funding data in real-time and presents it as valuable insights.

We do this by tracking deals as they are announced. Startups also reach out to us with deal information that we then funnel onto our database The data is then automatically turned into insights and presented on a simple dashboard for anyone to digest.

One of the first insights that catch your attention on DealFlow is the “Amount Raised” tab which shows the total funding raised in Africa at any point in time. There’s an option to filter our database from the dashboard to show specific data points that you might need. You can also filter across stages to know how much has been raised in Seed Stage or Series A, or with dates; for instance,  if you wanted to know how much was raised in Q1 2022, you’d only have to set the date range between January 1st to March 31st. 

There’s a table showing the top 10 deals across Africa with other details like startup location, Founder/CEO name, the lead investors, and the amount raised. The data is also divided by country with a map of Africa showing total VC funding raised in each country. There’s funding by rounds, gender, and sector.   

Samples of interactive charts on DealFlow

DealFlow is a very interactive dashboard so when you drill down on a data point, the other charts also depict their own value of that data point. For example, if you set the funding stage filter to “Pre-seed”, the map showing funding by countries also responds to display pre-seed funding by countries.

The product is an MVP and we aim to improve it overtime. If there’s a function or data point you’d like to see, please let us know via this review form. We take every review seriously so rest assured that you’ll get a response from us. 

Here’s a link to the dashboard, kindly share it within your network.

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