Technology is evolving and so is the financial sector. Things that once needed your presence at the bank now require only one tap in your mobile banking app. Sending money, receiving money, storing money in multiple accounts, and now even investing in various assets have all become possible thanks to advanced financial technologies.

FinTech helps to integrate advanced technologies into the products of financial services companies. Utilising efficient, inexpensive, and convenient practices, fintech players often reach a broader customer base than conventional banks and other financial institutions. The players that have recently entered the financial industry begin to outpace the older institutions in terms of customer reach by using the latest developments in the fields of e-communication and data processing.

Until recently, Forex traders had to physically be at the exchange to trade. Now they can make transactions at the comfort of their home. New technological solutions that greatly influence the financial industry are emerging every year and help the Forex market—as well as many others—thrive. Now consumers have access to modern platforms, online analytics, and readily available trainings, with OctaFX providing all of the above.

OctaFX uses up-to-date technology and knowledge to improve the trading experience of its clients. The broker offers dozens of trading instruments for trading in real time, as well as a copy trading service for those who want to profit from the decisions of experienced traders. Apart from that, traders can take advantage of multiple fundamental analysis tools that gather all the latest news and analytics from financial experts in one place. Thus, fintech provides traders with knowledge and instruments that help them make the right investment decision.

The relationship between Forex and fintech is undeniable. Fintech enables millions to try Forex trading by developing user-friendly trading platforms, integrating online payment services, and—most importantly—making online investing affordable. People can invest regardless of who they are and where they are. All they need is an internet connection and the necessary minimum amount of funds to make a deposit.

Today, anyone with a willingness to put effort into education is able to start investing online. After all, the broker provides traders with such a complex FinTech tool as a trading platform with market charts, news, indicators, and instruments all in one place, completely free of charge. What once took many years on Wall Street, now takes a few minutes—all thanks to advanced financial technologies.

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