ASUS deserves all the accolades they can get for always upping the game with their innovative approach to their product design. Their gaming sub-brand ROG continues to surprise them in a good way. This time, it’s the FLOW Z13, which the company has touted as the “world’s most powerful gaming tablet”.

A Gaming Tablet.

The ROG FLOW Z13 is essentially a 2-in-1 laptop-tablet hybrid that is visually like the Microsoft Surface Pro (it has a kickstand and a detachable keyboard that comes on and off easily), it is however built more like a notebook than a tablet. Firstly, it runs on a Windows 11 Operating System, RTX 3050 discrete GPU inside (complete with MUX Switch and NVIDIA Optimus support), and has a capable 14-core Intel Core i7-12700H processor. Lastly, it can even be attached to the optional ROG XG Mobile external GPU (with an RTX 3080) – turning it into a mobile gaming powerhouse. The FLOW Z13 feels like a niche, luxurious even, gaming product.

Unlike what you would expect from a tablet hybrid, the FLOW Z13 is quite chunky (relatively speaking) at 1.2cm thick and almost 1.2kg. It’s certainly not meant to give you the same mobile experience as you would expect with a Surface Pro or an Apple iPad. But considering how ROG can cramp up both Intel and NVIDIA’s processors inside a 13-inch slab of metal and managing to keep it cool at the same time, is a modern engineering marvel.

Display & Connectivity

The 13.4-inch display is enabled with FHD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and 16:10 aspect ratio. The screen also supports touch inputs and stylus, Dolby Vision certified and is Pantone Validated. The refresh rate is supported up to 120Hz. It’ is a stunning display. 

Connection ports selections on the FLOW Z13 are impressive, something you hardly ever see on similar devices. The IO array includes a USB-C that supports Thunderbolt 4 and DisplayPort, USB-A, 3.5mm combo audio jack, and a microSD slot at the back. Connecting the optional XG Mobile not only boosts the laptop’s graphic prowess but also adds additional ports including HDMI 2.1, Ethernet, and volume keys on one side.

The detachable keyboard comes in a soft base that makes it noticeably flexible. The keys on the FLOW Z13 keyboard are smooth and enjoyable to type on – thanks to the high key travel. It’s also got RGB, if that’s important to you


The FLOW Z13 is modernized with a more portable form factor while maintaining its sci-fi, spaceship-inspired heritage. The ASUS ROG FLOW Z13 is the thinnest and lightest pro-level gaming rig in recent time. Unlike the X13, the FLOW Z13 is a tablet form factor. In simple words, you can think of it as a slightly bulkier and much more powerful Surface Pro. ASUS did a great job with this. It has the aesthetics of a gaming laptop with aggressive cut-outs and an eye-catching design. It looks like the Z13 is made for gamers, and the design says it all.

The FLOW Z13 is uniquely designed with a sturdy metal chassis with various engravings on the back, as well as an RGB-lit glass window that allows one to peek at the internals inside. On the back is the rear glass window, beneath which you can see a section of the motherboard highlighted in rainbow-hued RGB lighting. You cannot ignore the small glass panel on the rear, as it adds a certain elegance to the chassis. 

The built-in kickstand can be opened to 170 degrees, ensuring optimal viewing angles for your favorite games or movies, no matter where you use the FLOW Z13.

Specs to look out for:

Powerful Gaming Laptop

  • Up to a 14-core Intel® Core™ i9-12900H CPU (6P+8E)
  • Up to a GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti Laptop GPU and 3080 with XG Mobile
  • MUX Switch technology allows for power or power saving when needed
  • 13-inch CNC chassis, just 1.1kg and 12mm thin


  • Console gaming power on the go (Console portability, PC power) (Console-like portability, PC horsepower)
  • Supports mouse and keyboard, controller as well as touch inputs
  • Multiple viewing angles with up to 170 degrees of adjustment
  • Support XG Mobile eGPU

Whisper-quiet performance

  • 2-in-1 form factor increases airflow efficiency
  • Vapor chamber on CPU and GPU
  • 0 dB Ambient Cooling enables silent operation during light tasks
  • Supremely quiet even under full load
  • Liquid metal on CPU boosts heat transfer capacity

Expansive views

  • 16:10 aspect ratio touchscreen display
  • 120Hz FHD or 60Hz 4K panel options
  • Pantone® validated with Dolby Vision support
  • 500 nits peak brightness

Portable and flexible

  • Supports USB-C power delivery up to 100W
  • Detachable full-size keyboard with 1.7mm of travel and Aura Sync support
  • High SNR 3D Mic array with AI mic Noise Cancellation
  • Multi-port I/O


It’s important to note that proper gamers these days do not just play games on their devices, they want a device that can do more, and the FLOW Z13 offers that by virtue of its tablet form-factor. 

The FLOW Z13 fits into any modern use case you can think of – Do you want to catch up on your favorite show on any streaming platform while seated on the couch? All you have to do is – fold the detachable keyboard to the back or remove it completely and place it on your lap. Do you love to mix Afrobeat tracks? Connect a DJ controller to it and the FLOW Z13’s touchscreen and kickstand allow you to turn it into a mixer. Oh, you really want to play high-end games too? Guess what, you can connect an ROG XG Mobile eGPU that’s powered by a GeForce RTX 3080 and turn it into a gaming powerhouse.

The FLOW Z13 offers a wondrous peek at what the future of “mobile” gaming could possibly look like. 

Learn more about the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 here – 

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