American political satire show “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” has partnered with Cape Town-based startup VoiceMap to launch an interactive self-guided walking tour taking guests on a journey through the events of the January 6, 2021 insurrection in Washington D.C.

The walking tour, titled “In the Footsteps of the Freedomsurrection”, will allow listeners to trace the exact route taken by protesting Trump supporters. It will revisit the events before, during and after the storming of the US Capitol building.

Some of the highlights of the walking tour include “The Battle of Little Muffin Top”, in which President Trump single-handedly fought against his own secret service detail, and the Ellipse/Save America Rally, a spot at the National Mall where Trump organised his followers on the morning of January 6 and urged them to “walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Founded in 2014, VoiceMap is a publishing platform and mobile app for location-aware audio tours that uses GPS to play audio automatically. 

According to co-founder Iain Manley, the audio tours are told through locals’ voices to help familiarise tourists with their location and to create a sense of being next to the storyteller.

“I wanted to create a platform that anybody could use to tell location-aware stories in their own voice – to match the immediacy of GPS with the intimacy of a real person’s stories and a real person’s voice,” Manley said in an interview with Bizcommunity.

Anyone can submit audio tours on VoiceMap. The storyteller then sets the price of their tour and earns royalties on every download. Ratings and comments help people choose which tours to download.

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