Now that summer is all but over, and the fun money is spent, many crypto fans are poking around for some long-term investment ideas. The trick for long-term investing in crypto is to find networks that you expect to grow exponentially in the coming years. This is because when it comes to networks, which is essentially what blockchains and tokens are, their value is proportional to the user base. So here are a few platforms that we believe could see exponential growth in the coming decade. 

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is a DeFi token on the Ethereum blockchain. At least it will be. The platform doesn’t actually launch until mid-October. However, anyone can take part in the initial coin offering (ICO). Uniglo is an investment DAO. A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. Essentially, this means that the project is directed not by a board of directors and stockholders but by the holders of the platform’s native GLO token. 

The mission of the Uniglo community is to build a massively diversified portfolio of high-quality digital and tokenized real-world assets. Everyone who holds GLO gets to vote on which assets are worthy of investment. 

The tokenomics of GLO greatly favor ICO investors. If the ICO doesn’t sell out, all unsold tokens will be burned. After that, a 10% royalty on all aftermarket sales is used to build up the treasury and to buy back and burn tokens. This means the treasury is always growing and the circulating supply is always falling — forever. Early GLO buyers can just sit back and watch the treasury and their share of it grow for years and decades to come. 

Uniglo makes diversified investing just about as simple as it can get. This gives this platform a real shot at being the first DeFi platform to see mainstream adoption. As such, a small investment in the ICO could turn into a very nice retirement.

Waves (WAVES) — a layer 1 blockchain with promise

Waves is a layer-1 blockchain that supports Web3 platforms, DApps, and DAOS. Several popular platforms have taken advantage of the benefits of Waves including Gravity, a cross-chain and oracle network, and Neutrino, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that lets users create their own asset-backed stablecoins. Decentralized Forex (DeFo), an extension on top of the Neutrino protocol, facilitates instant swaps of stable-price assets. Waves also recently launched an NFT marketplace and its user base is growing fast. Currently hovering around $4.50, WAVES is projected to rise by 200% to 300% by the end of the year. 

Tokenize Xchange (TKX)

Tokenize Xchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that aspires to be a next-generation CEX. Under the Tokenize Crypto Earn program, users who stake their assets can earn passive income in the form of TKX tokens. TKX has been hovering around the $5 mark recently. However, several analysts are predicting that TKX could surpass its springtime high of $11 giving traders a 2X return on their holdings over the next few months. In the long run, if this network continues to grow exponentially we will have a long-term winner on our hands.

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