South African investment firm, One Africa Odyssey (OAO) Investments, has announced its partnership with the Swedish AI Fund (SAIF) to enable the firm to identify the best-suited candidates for funding through an evaluation process.

OAO Investments is a black-owned, South African company whose growth model includes start-up joint ventures, partnerships, as well as acquisitions of both growing and mature companies. The firm identifies, explores and leverages unique investment opportunities via bespoke management of symbiotic relationships with stakeholders and networks.

The partnership will aim to drive awareness and enlightenment about the AI industry among the public, organizations, the technology sector, policymakers and governments who will be the beneficiaries of a healthy AI industry. Only AI-related programmes will be considered for funding.

SAIF is one of the multiple projects launched by the AICenter, a collaboration between several legal entities and experts towards quality, safety, and security in the AI industry. The AICenter, which was founded in Sweden, operates in 8 countries: Sweden, Albania, Israel, Germany, Georgia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. It cooperates with universities, leading companies and experts from the United Nations (UN) and The European AI Alliance.  

The AICenter, the founder of SAIF, enables organizations, companies, and individuals to increase their business value and opportunities. AICenter also provides organizations with funding, certifications, guidelines, and certified training programs towards equality, safety, and security in AI. 

“This partnership will aid our mission as OAO Technology, to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in Africa. The collaboration will contribute to the growth and development of AI on the African continent. We are grateful and look forward to serving our communities through this partnership,” stated Zamokuhle Aja-Okorie, managing director of OAO Investments.

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