There are several trustworthy online investment platforms in Nigeria that allow you to invest money online and earn daily. These money-making apps in Nigeria carefully invest your money in thought-out assets to give you good investment returns. These online investment platforms have official approval from the Nigerian government and also adhere to Nigerian law. These platforms also feature a responsive support staff for any assistance you need. Investment opportunities range from automated savings to dollar-saving applications and cryptocurrencies and offer users a yearly ROI of at least 14%. To know more about how to invest and earn daily in Nigeria, keep reading.


Increasing your financial stability involves more than just saving money. You need to make proper investments as well. Over time, these investments grow in value and produce profits. In this article, we have mentioned the various online investment platforms that make the entire investment process incredibly simple.

You can get investing options right at your fingertips through these applications. They make it incredibly simple for people to invest in both domestic and international businesses in Nigeria. You are given simple ways to withdraw profits and a very effective system for keeping track of investments.

Be aware that the rules of the investment game remain the same as for any other financial instrument. You are recommended to learn and conduct your research before making investments.

What Is Dollar Investment?

According to the dictionary, investment refers to the act or practice of investing money to make a profit. Investment, in terms of money, is buying something to see value increase. The currency of the United States is known as the Dollar. Investment in dollars refers to buying something with that currency in order to make money, keep money safe, or perhaps appreciate it. It entails using dollars to invest and receiving interest in dollars.

Why Is It Important To Save/Invest In Dollars? 

Nobody in the nation is surprised by the depreciation in the value of the Naira. The declining value and limited purchasing power of the Naira are posing various threats within the country. The residents of the country now have a harder time getting by because of this. Therefore, you must save in dollars to protect your funds from inflation and currency depreciation.

11 Best Dollar Investment Apps In Nigeria 

While we have provided a list of some of the top online investment platforms in Nigeria, make sure to research these platforms thoroughly before investing. Invest and earn daily in Nigeria by your financial objectives and risk appetite.

Pillow Fund 

Pillow Fund is a dollar-savings programme that enables users to obtain the best returns. By investing in stable funds, Pillow Fund enables Nigerians to get the maximum returns on their Naira. Pillow Fund currently guarantees annual returns of 14% on investments made in its money-saving product. Users can also make over 10% on stablecoins and over 6% on BTC and ETH.

Pillow Fund wants to make investing money in both crypto and dollars simple for customers all around the world. To begin receiving daily returns, users must transfer money to their Pillow Fund accounts. This investment platform handles labor-intensive tasks at the back end so that your front-end investing experience is easy.

Additionally, with just a 3000 NGN initial investment, you may start making 14% yearly profits. The software has received plaudit for its user-friendly interface and simplicity of use, particularly in Nigeria. Some users have even referred to it as a “lifeline” during these challenging economic times. Additionally, Pillow Fund has partnered with numerous specialists and advisers in the Nigerian and wider African ecosystems who can assist in offering important financial education.


PiggyVest makes it simple for you to invest and earn daily in Nigeria. You can cut back on your excessive spending, invest that extra money in PiggyVest and watch it grow. You have the option of setting aside little sums of money regularly or putting money away for a certain amount of time to reach your goals. PiggyVest makes it simple and flexible for you to develop discipline via saving.

For various needs, PiggyVest offers a variety of savings and investing options. If you want to save and take out money every three months, you can do so using the Piggybank. You can utilise Target Savings to put money aside for particular objectives like a trip or travel. You can use SafeLock to lock away money for a longer time if you have long-term aspirations. Additionally, Investify offers low-risk investment options that you can use to diversify your portfolio.


Fintech business Rise was established in 2019 by Eke Urum and currently staffs 52+ people. The idea for Rise was to assist investors in increasing their wealth by fending off the effects of devaluation, high inflation rates, and currency shocks. Their goal is to introduce consumers to the best wealth-generating opportunities available anywhere in the world. There are different products available on the app including stocks (+14% return but high risk), real estate (14% return and medium risk), fixed income (10% return with low risk) and wealth creation. The application is easy to use and has an automatic savings option. There are no penalties on withdrawal and an E-learning option for investors.


You can invest in international stocks, bonds, ETFs, and other securities using Trove, a Nigerian online investment platform, right from your phone. Any publicly listed equity, bond, or even foreign assets are eligible for investment. You can also invest in US dollars or naira. Through Trove, you have access to more than 4000 stocks to invest in. Your investment adventure must begin with a minimum of $10.


The SEC’s first fintech licence, known as the Digital Sub-Broker/Sub-Broker Serving Multiple Brokers through a Digital Platform licence, was awarded to this company. Through their app, they offer investment options for both domestic and foreign equities. All you need to do is create an account and choose the type of account you want to operate. Complete the required verifications and start investing.

The best part of Chaka is that they are licensed and trusted. Their fund security and access to a large volume of stocks make them very reliable among users. It provides free deposits and withdrawals. There is a referral program and an e-learning option for investors. Unfortunately, a wrap fee of 1.7% is also charged for account management every year.


Another legitimate investing site in Nigeria is called Bamboo. Through the investment firm Bamboo, Nigerians can make mobile investments in more than 3000 US stocks. Nigerians can invest in Bamboo in dollars or naira. ETFs are another tool for diversifying investments. The Bamboo app requires a minimum investment of USD 20 or the equivalent in local currency, the naira. You can also keep tabs on the value of all of your investments in one location.


Carbon provides a range of personal finance and investing options. On the app, you can start investing with as little as 100 NGN. On carbon, assured returns may reach 16%. Additionally, you can alter the length of your investment from three to twelve months. To reach your objectives, you might create a recurring goal. These may occur quarterly, biannually, or annually.


With RiseVest, you may invest nimbly in assets with different currencies. It is a reputable financial platform that provides stock, fixed-income, and real estate investment alternatives. With this software, you may earn annual interest rates ranging from 14% to 41%. On RiseVest, you may use the built-in tracker to monitor your financial progress toward your objectives. To begin using the app, you’ll need a token sum of USD 10, as well as a strategy and timeframe for your financial investments.

Wealth NG

Wealth NG is the last app on the list of investment applications in Nigeria. The wealth NG platforms give investors the option to buy both global and domestic stocks. It now includes a group of financial venues that let users fund agricultural endeavours. enabling individuals to get income from farming without having to go to the farm.

The wealth NG platform enables investors to invest in real estate, Eurobonds, stocks, and Treasury Bills to generate a respectable return on their investment. This site has made investing easier and now accepts as little as 10,000 Naira. This in turn helps beginners understand the investment a little better. With multiple,e investment options, flexible payment and withdrawal options, hand-over control and much more, Wealth NG is a good online investment platform to invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

Payday Investor

By investing in the ARM Money Market Fund, Payday Investor enables investors to save money and increase returns. Daily interest tracking is possible, and the app lets you make up to 15%. Additionally, you can schedule automatic saves once a week or once a month. You must make a minimum investment of 1000 NGN in the app before you may use Payday Investor. All monies are automatically placed in the redeemable ARM Money Market Fund when the investment reaches maturity. If you have any trouble deciding on your investing goals, you can contact investment fund managers through the site.


In developing nations, Accrue is a top online platform for investing and saving. Accrue wants to make crypto available to the typical person. The goal of Accrue is to lower obstacles and improve accessibility to all opportunities offered by cryptocurrency for regular people. This app also enables users to invest in cryptocurrencies and safeguard their wealth from depreciation.

How Does Dollar Investment Work?

Dollar investments have become simpler than in previous years. In the past, Nigerians had no access to international corporations’ stocks or bonds. However, Dollar Investments have gotten simpler as a result of the growth of fintech firms. The stages for making a dollar investment are as follows:

1. Download the application

2. Register yourself on the application

3. Verify your email account

4. Verify your identity

5. Fund your account with the local currency or convert it into a Dollar

6. Start making your investments

Savings Vs Investment

Savings differ from investments in several ways. Savings is where a person continuously puts a sum of money in his/her bank account. Contrarily, investing entails purchasing assets with the potential to appreciate over time, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, gold, and so on. Other differences between savings and investment include:

● Objective: The primary distinction between investing and saving is the reason why each is done. Savings can be done quickly, are used for immediate needs and purchases, and are tax deductible. Larger objectives like accumulating wealth, supporting education, purchasing a home, etc., are attained through investments. They frequently call for thorough market research and long-term commitments.

● Protection against inflation: When inflation increases, the value of cash in savings accounts decreases, but investments are great financial tools to fight inflation.

● Returns: On your savings, you typically receive a set and consistent amount of interest. Contrarily, investments have the potential to provide substantially bigger returns.

● Risk: Savings typically carry very little to no risk. You will always receive consistent income on savings vehicles including FDs, RDs, and savings bank accounts. Investments, however, come with a considerable risk because their value might change depending on the market and other economic and financial circumstances.

● Liquidity: Savings products often have significant liquidity. As a result, they give you instant access to money whenever you need it. However, investments typically offer little liquidity, therefore financial experts advise against investing your emergency savings.


In Nigeria, there are many internet investment platforms. These platforms won’t all be worthwhile investing your time and money on. Based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance, narrow down your options. Make sure you investigate each platform’s security with appropriate diligence. Making an informed choice can help you get the most out of your hard-earned money. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. Invest in a low-risk platform if you don’t want to take on a lot of risks. Even if the investment is tiny, make sure to begin your investment path as soon as you can

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