South Africa’s data-only mobile network operator Rain is expanding its product suite.It will now offer  voice services on its network, signaling its entrance into a market dominated by the de-facto duopoly of MTN and Vodacom.

“This has now positioned Rain to enter the market as a full mobile network operator, thus becoming the fourth telco after Vodacom, MTN and Telkom, with a network that offers national coverage in voice, SMS and data,” Rain said in a statement.

Running on 4G technology, Rain’s offering will offer high-definition voice calls, data and SMS throughout the country.

 “After acquiring spectrum in the 2022 auction, Rain is overlaying its existing 4G network with a new layer that provides for more comprehensive reach,” the statement continued.

With both a national 4G mobile network and a 5G network, Rain said it is now combining “home and phone” into one plan, branded rainOne. “Now customers can connect all their devices with one monthly bill.”

“Customers with rainOne will be able to seamlessly port their existing number and use Rain Mobile as their primary SIM, with national 4G mobile coverage,” the company further added.

“The convergence of a home and mobile voice and data offerings in one affordable plan is an innovation we are confident will appeal to South Africans. We recognise that our customers have family members, so with rainOne we are catering not only for their need to access the internet from home, but also outside on their mobile devices,” said Rain CEO Brandon Leigh in the statement.

The network operator’s “rainOne” offering allows consumers to bundle home internet ,voice and data services in one package

“Now customers have another option for mobile services from a provider that has already established a strong reputation in the home internet market. The expansion of Rain’s network, both in terms of 5G coverage and spectrum acquisition, indicates that we are serious about being a major player in the mobile market as well,” he added.

After failing in their bid to merge with Telkom, it appears that Rain have decided to penetrate the mobile voice market through their own efforts. With their success in 5G, Rain has the track record to show that they can bring the fight to the incumbents.

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