Israeli AI startup RavinAI is pursuing expansion of their fleet management product offering with entry into the South African market.

Israeli-based AI startup RavinAI is launching operations in South Africa through a partnership with Alder Grove Automotive, a South Africa fleet management company. RavinAI offers AI-powered visual inspection across the fleet, rental, used car, and insurance industries.

Using computer vision and AI, Ravin’s technology claims to automate the vehicle inspection process, ensuring fleet managers run more profitably, more efficiently, and with reduced risk. It then produces a condition report which allows for a more efficient fleet repair maintenance process.

“We are excited to be partnering with Ravin on their entrance into the South African market,” said Vernen Pillay, managing director at Alder Grove Automotive. “Ravin’s technology has so much potential for the market, even beyond fleet management which itself is very important. It can be used for car buyers to inspect vehicles for purchase, insurance claims inspections, port and shipping monitoring, etc. and we aim to assist in maximising its usage here in South Africa.”

For Ravin, co-founder and CEO Eliron Ekstein stated that the demand for AI vehicle inspection was the reason for the decision to enter the South African market.

“Our entry into the South African market – following our recent launch in Australia and New Zealand – is further proof of the need for solutions such as ours, which brings the vehicle inspection process firmly into the 21st century. We look forward to working closely with Alder Grove Automotive to improve the experience for its customers across South Africa,” he said.

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