Plural has launched its AI-powered policy tracking platform in South Africa to enable users to understand how policies are evolving.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered policy tracking platform Plural has announced its expansion into Africa to enable access to public policy data across various African jurisdictions, starting with South Africa and Nigeria.

Plural claims to enable its users to understand and participate in how policies are evolving with its public policy data. The company further claims that this contributes to promoting policy transparency, harmonisation and improvements to aid free trade and economic development.

According to the company’s vice president for Africa, Obinna Osisiogu, the platform will contribute towards bringing visibility into the policy process and improving the means to participate in democracy on the continent. 

“In many African nations, access to policy data isn’t as seamless as in the US or EU. Therefore, as these dynamic economies navigate key legislative transitions, the demand for current and trustworthy information becomes paramount for policy advocates, businesses, nonprofits and partners of government,” added Osisiogu.

For its pilot, Plural partnered with Nigerian social networking service for African technology startup companies and business incubators, AfriLabs. It plans to expand to other African countries beginning in September 2023.

In South Africa, Plural enters a fairly competitive market where the likes of LexisNexis, GoLegal and Sabinte have been present for a few years. 

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