Monkey Post is a new game from ChopUp that’s coming out soon
5th October 2016

If you played monkey post as a kid, you’ll love this one.

ChopUp Games Releases New Mobile Game to Promote Ebola Education
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24th November 2015

ChopUp Games, the Nigerian-based mobile games developer, has released Ebola Strikeforce. It is the first local game to raise awareness about the deadly Ebola virus that shook the world.

ChopUp has a new game, Ebola Strikeforce, coming out soon
game, Mobile, News
11th November 2015

ChopUp Games is looking to educate and entertain gamers with their new Ebola themed mobile game

ChopUp’s new business model; subscription-based gaming
4th September 2015

ChopUp’s co-founder Zubair Abubakar told TechCabal that users will now have to pay N30 ($0.12) weekly to have access to all of their games. ALL.

ChopUP’s Jagun: An African Kind of Clash of Clans
game, News
8th June 2015

ChopUP, the creators of Sambisa Assault and Danfo Reloaded are not resting on their oars. The studio has released another title, Jagun.

Game Preview: Oya Run With Friends
Apps, Developers, ecosystem, Mobile, News
26th January 2015

The game, drawing heavily from Nigeria’s forthcoming general elections, allows players to run with “fictional” candidates in what looks like a standard Olympic track event; an apt metaphor for the country’s presidential “race” it seems.

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