ChopUP, the creators of Sambisa Assault and Danfo Reloaded are not resting on their oars. The studio has released another title, Jagun.

Jagun, which is a Yoruba word translated “war”, draws extensively from the war-prone precolonial era in the Yoruba kingdom, Southwest of Nigeria. The game draws from the culture and adopts terminologies associated with the region.

Subtitled “Clash of Kingdoms”, Jagun sets the users up to defend Jagunlabi kingdom from invading armies while with arrows, flames and juju (yes, pure African evil). With a total of four wars and forty battles, the aim is simple, stop the opposing armies from breaching the city’s walls and kill the opposing general to end each war.

There are in-app purchases to help enhance the gaming experience. Zubair Abubakar, ChopUP’s co-founder says, “Clash of Kingdoms comes with some in-game items such as Sango power (fireball), an enemy-freezing potion, masquerade (terrifying demon), a mass-killing earthquake and wall fortifications.”

It’s however more about brains than brawns in knowing what weapon to purchase and employ in order to be victorious.

The game also gives out perks in gold and cowries for your victories.

The game also offers the users the option of viewing ads while the kingdom’s wall automatically gets refortified in the heat of battle. An interesting monetization coup actually.

The game is available on the Playstore for Android devices, and it’s not available on iOS yet.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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