Game Preview: Oya Run With Friends

So the prolific ChopUp is stepping out with latest game from their stables.

The name? Oya Run with Friends. It reads like a tired imperative sentence, but it’s what ChopUp is sticking to.

The game, drawing heavily from Nigeria’s forthcoming general elections, allows players to run with “fictional” candidates in what looks like a standard Olympic track event; an apt metaphor for the country’s presidential “race” it seems.

The trailer doesn’t tell us much really, but it shows enough for us to know it’s a casual role playing game.

In a statement to TechCabal, ChopUp says, “Users can play against their Facebook friends anywhere in the world. Players select their candidate and race each other for points which is then used to obtain votes to be on the leader board.”

Check out the trailer.

The game isn’t available just yet. ChopUp says to “Stay tuned for the launch”. ChopUp is the gaming division of Pledge51, the same company behind Danfo Reloaded II, Sambisa Assault, and Jumpology (coming soon).

Image via: ChopUp

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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