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Millicom, a telecommunications  group with interests in developing economies including South America and Africa, has announced a partnership with Deezer and to extend Tigo’s bundled music streaming service to Africa. Deezer is the world’s largest music streaming service with a catalogue of over 35 million tracks, available to its teeming 16 million monthly active subscribers, for […]

The Solo S350 phone is a low-cost Android phone that gives you unlimited free access to stream and download from a library of over 20-million international and local music tracks, for life of the device. In the not-too-distant future, users will also be able rent full length movies with Solo View. The Bad With a 3.5-inch […]

I have always wanted to publish my ‘thesis’ on music (file)  startups especially as it concerns Nigeria. I still do not have the time to do something comprehensive. However, as someone that spent quite a few years in this industry, anytime I hear another iTunes for Nigeria launching and relaunching, I get distracted mentally. I […]

Cabal, Internet
14th October 2013

One of the courses I treated with the greatest disdain in University was GES 101. I can’t  remember the official title of the course now but I do remember that one of the topics was language and how culture and technology affect language. This has been proved true and become more evident as we march […]

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