From a fresh and relatable perspective, the Ask an Investor series focuses on conversations with investors in Africa – investment banks, sovereign wealth funds, private equities, venture capitalists and every other class of investors,  explaining why and how these investments happen by talking to the people who make them happen. Yele Bademosi didn’t start out in the […]


Favour Ori, the Nigerian founder of WeJapa, was accused last weekend of manipulating software developers whom his startup was supposed to connect to jobs. Claims against Ori allege that he often underpaid or did not pay for work, undermined and berated people after disagreements, and that he exaggerates his achievements to polish an unsavoury personality. […]


For good reason, startups are excited when they announce the close of a funding round. While not a guarantee of future success, navigating the process signals some validation for founders.  But because this process can be cumbersome for both founders and investors, one Nairobi-based startup has created a solution to facilitate simplicity. The result is […]


Between 2004 and 2010, the developed world was captivated by upstarts like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Uber, Spotify and Airbnb were born in the middle of the Great Recession.  The tech arena already featured giants like Microsoft and Google. Amazon was emerging as the global online shopping beast.  In Africa however, Safaricom’s MPesa was the […]


Venture capital firms desire merry returns on investment. Placing good bets in a business environment like Nigeria’s requires a flexible yet consistent philosophy. For Microtraction, the early-stage venture capital firm, two principles are fundamental: finding remarkable technical founders and providing hassle-free support. So far, it appears to be working out. The firm is on a […]

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