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By popular demand, we’re doing it again. Since we hosted the first TechCabal Sessions in November, people have not stopped asking us when the next one will be. For those who are just joining us, TechCabal Sessions is an exclusive dinner event at which our guests interact over great food and drinks in a relaxed […]

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28th November 2013

Here are the pictures from the first ever TechCabal Sessions! We had great time talking with Paga’s founder and CEO, Tayo Oviosu, and we can’t wait to invite you to the next one. Thanks to all our guests, Tayo, and our awesome sponsors,, Tsaboin, Anakle and TopUpGenie. Read the recap of the dinner here. […]

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27th November 2013

This is a recap of the first TechCabal Sessions, which I am glad to report went swimmingly. But not without some lessons though. One interesting one is to try and not organise your event to co-incide with an Arsenal match.With any match at all, if you can manage it. But by 6:45 pm, we had […]

TechCabal’s biggest founding premise, and promise, is to help create a more cohesive startup ecosystem by fostering conversations that take the space forward. To make good on that promise, we are convening the first ever edition of what will be known as “TechCabal Sessions”, to be held on the 23rd of November, 2013. TechCabal Sessions […]

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