Here are the pictures from the first ever TechCabal Sessions!

We had great time talking with Paga’s founder and CEO, Tayo Oviosu, and we can’t wait to invite you to the next one. Thanks to all our guests, Tayo, and our awesome sponsors,, Tsaboin, Anakle and TopUpGenie. Read the recap of the dinner here.

TechCabal Sessions-13 CEO, Mark Essien and Tayo Oviosu

TechCabal Sessions-15

Left to right: Mark Essien (Hotels), Bankole Oluwafemi, Francis Onwumere (Prowork), Seyi Taylor, Tayo Oviosu

TechCabal Sessions-16

TechCabal Sessions-18

TechCabal Sessions-19

Dele Odufuye, CEO, Tsaboin

TechCabal Sessions-23

Editi Effiong (Anakle)

TechCabal Sessions-26

Lanre Oyedotun, Ithena Logic/TopUpGenie

TechCabal Sessions-27

TechCabal Sessions-28

Debola Adebola, Ithena Logic/TopUpGenie

TechCabal Sessions-30

Jason Njoku, iROKO Partners and Tayo Oviosu

TechCabal Sessions-32

TechCabal Sessions-33

Femi Taiwo, CEO, INITS

TechCabal Sessions-35

TechCabal Sessions-36

TechCabal Sessions-37

TechCabal Sessions-38

TechCabal Sessions-40

TechCabal Sessions-41

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, founder and CEO, Fora

TechCabal Sessions-43

TechCabal Sessions-45

Segun Demuren, EAN Aviation

TechCabal Sessions-46

Akin Oyebode, head of SME banking, Stanbic IBTC and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Fora

TechCabal Sessions-51

TechCabal Sessions-52

Kehinde Shote

TechCabal Sessions-53

TechCabal Sessions-54

TechCabal Sessions-55

Kunmi Demuren and Feyi Fawehinmi (DoubleEph)

TechCabal Sessions-57

TechCabal Sessions-59

TechCabal Sessions-60

TechCabal Sessions-61

TechCabal Sessions-62

Akin Oyebode speaking on the local VC climate

TechCabal Sessions-63

TechCabal Sessions-64

Left to right: Chinedu Onyeaso (Enterado), Ebere Nkoro (McAfee), Femi Taiwo, Jason Njoku, Juwon Isobu (

Wait a minute, that’s all? Nah, there’s more! Check us out on Instagram  to see the rest of the sights from the evening in all their tagged, liked and commented glory, and on Facebook for the full photoset. Awesome photography by Busayo Longe.

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