TechCabal’s biggest founding premise, and promise, is to help create a more cohesive startup ecosystem by fostering conversations that take the space forward. To make good on that promise, we are convening the first ever edition of what will be known as “TechCabal Sessions”, to be held on the 23rd of November, 2013.

TechCabal Sessions is an exclusive dinner event at which our guests, all of whom are influential personalities in Nigerian technology, internet, business, get to meet each other over great food and drinks in a relaxed, informal setting.

Because this is the first time, we could invite no more than thirty people. Also, the idea is to create an atmosphere where people can actually learn from each other and share ideas. No panels. No high tables, lecterns, pulpits or preaching down at the crowd of any sort. Only honest, earnest discussions that everyone can learn from.

We prefer not to name drop, but we can tell you that the guests who have confirmed are not only interesting because of their standing in their various spaces, but because the spaces where they come from are varied. We’ve got a nice mix of people from core technology, internet, finance, VC, business, law, digital media and entertainment and more in the room.

Our special guest

One of the features is that there is a central person – a sort of “special guest” – who gets to be asked some questions at the beginning of the dinner about their business and personal lessons they wish to share. Think of it as a very, very interactive fireside chat.

Tayo Oviosu

So on Saturday, our very first guest is Tayo Oviosu, founder and CEO of Paga. Before Paga, Tayo worked in a variety of technical and business roles in High-tech and Private Equity. We look forward to an insightful, fun conversation with him and will be asking him some pointed questions — about his business and the Nigerian/African startup space in general.

Our greatest partners ever liveth

TC Sessions Leaderboard

No doubt you’ve seen the banners, but we also want to make a mighty big shout out to, Tsaboin, Anakle and Top Up Genie, for their support and helping to make this happen. We know you know them, but nonetheless – is an online travel agency that specialises in hotel bookings within Nigeria. Hotels’ users can book hotel rooms online, and make smarter decisions via other recommendations and reviews from Hotels users.

Tsaboin is a technology and software development company, and makers of the growing Lagos traffic monitoring app Tsaboin Traffic Talk, with apps for desktop and all major mobile OS platforms.

Anakle is a design and coding company, building experiences for web platforms and online marketing.

Top Up Genie is a service that allows users to buy mobile airtime anywere. Users can can top up phones of family, friends and staff at the click of a button, as well as keep track of their transactions over time.

What’s next?

Expect updates after the events in form of pictures and lessons learnt. We plan for these to happen fairly regularly, as well as bigger, more inclusive events for the larger community.

Photo Credit: a.has via Compfight cc

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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