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e-waste in africa

In 2019 alone,  recoverable material like gold, silver, copper, platinum and other such materials worth US$57 billion were lost to improperly recycled electronic waste.  Not many of us consider how we dispose of or will dispose of used electronic and mobile devices after they’ve served their purpose.  While researching this topic two years ago, many […]

Re the title of this comment, that’s the headline I might have given this fascinating read from Tefo Mohapi, had I written it. In this piece for ITWebAfrica, Tefo gathers interesting perspectives on the socialist versus capitalist models of startup hubs in Africa. There is indeed a middle perspective, that both models are not mutually exclusive, […]

I was going to name this post THE three pillars of a technology ecosystem. Hence, the post’s not apt illustration. But then I realised that I don’t know enough to postulate what three pillars they are. Or if there are in fact three. Turns out that I just had a wishlist I thought was very […]

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