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25th September 2014

There is no doubt that every 21st century (online) business needs to have a mobile presence. Mobile is evidently taking over the world and it would be foolhardy for any serious business to ignore the facts. There are over 4.9 billion active internet users worldwide, over 70% of which access it through their mobile. That […]

This was originally a Q&A thread from User Experience Stack Exchange. This post only highlights the question and a summary of the best answer. Benny Skogberg asked: One of the most successful products ever produced is the iPhone. It’s loved for its excellent User Experience worldwide. It came from an idea by the late Steve Jobs […]

Fructose, startups
26th October 2013

Because it looks beautiful. Dazall. I might find out that it’s crap later on, but my interest is definitely piqued. The thing is developers who put this much thought into design rarely make things that are truly shitty. God is in the details, and chances are often good that things that are well designed (functionally […]

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