Wait, the internet has finally started eating media in Africa?

The company’s “digital first” strategy emphasised the greater role digital publishing would play in its future, and recent appointments had been informed by this strategy. Karjieker advised that the new structure would be implemented in a manner that would secure the longer term financial viability of the organisation. The company was a truly hybrid publisher and had experienced significant growth in its digital audience over the past few years with a 60% growth in audience for M&G Online, a 2 000% growth in audience from Mobile and an 81% growth in its overall publisher audience over the past year alone.

Translation: print business is killing us, and we don’t want to die.

Should start happening in Nigeria when massive ad budgets start moving online. Anytime now. Until then the newspaper zombie lurches onward.

M&G beginsThis was to ensure that all parts of the business were working optimally towards a single, profitable business goal, M&G Media chief executive Hoosain Karjieker announced on Friday. Karjieker further advised that the restructuring could result in positions within the organisation being made redundant, which could, in turn, lead to retrenchment.

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