And it seems that Nigerian/African Twitter have bought themselves 3D glasses to watch.

Everybody loves them some high stakes corporate/startup drama, and the iROKING one has become one big-ass feeding frenzy now. The sort of all-you-can-prattle-about gossip buffet that people are wont to bring their mouths to, leaving their brains behind.

I think I’ll pass. On the race to publish juicy exclusives from the parties involved and the need to fan the drama, for whatever reason.

But not on the story. Because in the two weeks that this fustercluck has been brewing, a number of interesting things have happened. As is usual with this sort of thing, there’s too many conflicting, contradictory claims are flying around.  A lot of wily, kamikaze PR in the air. Too many things don’t add up. Yet.

I was going to recommend that that we all keep calm and keep as far away from the distortion field as possible. But I know that those keystrokes are wasted on most. This whole post in fact, is pointless. People want to see shots fired and mud flung. Don’t let me keep you from your Friday fun, do as you please.

There is a five percent chance that we’ll be able to snatch some lessons out of the drivel. But in the meantime, I have other important things to do. Like write about startups.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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