Decoded — — puts the lyrics of popular African music online.

When they launched the site in May 2013, this is what it looked like

old decoded

Now it looks like…actually when the relaunch is complete, it will look like this

decoded home

And this…

decoded discover

It looks fantastic on mobile…

decoded mobile-001

One thing I should say is that Nigerian startups are beginning to understand that good design and attention to detail in not just the functional but also the aesthetic aspects of a product is important. When there are thousands of apps and websites competing for attention, first impressions are everything, and having a beautiful well proportioned looking product certainly doesn’t hurt.

This is a sneak peek of the new Decoded. We liked what we saw so much that we’ve reached out to the team for an interview that will drop on Monday. Decoded’s relaunch comes up in February at Social Media Weekend.

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