My first impression of battery life on the Nokia X is that it’s not great. It’s okay, just not great. But you can’t really be expecting much from a 1500 mAh battery.

Usually when I review phone batteries, I carry out 3 tests – Normal use, Intensive Everyday Use and Endurance Test.  Over the past day, I was only able to carry out an Endurance Test because I had to do it twice, and the Nokia X takes a while to charge. So for now, I’ll share my results on that test alone.

The conditions for my Endurance Test:

  • phone’s display brightness to 100%
  • 3G mobile internet always on, emails and notifications syncing in the background
  • Videos playing continously with speakers on full volume

When I first did the test yesterday, the battery lasted only 4 hours before giving out. But then I realized it could probably have done better if I had played only lower resolution videos.

You see, the Nokia X does not support high (720p) resolution videos, except you play them using a video player like MX Player. And even at that, 720p videos tend to drag, which definitely takes its toll on the battery. It was only fair I ran the test with the standard resolution that a regular would use. So I ran the test again with standard resolution 3GP format videos. This time the battery went on for 6 hours. Remember that 3G mobile internet was on throughout, with email syncing in the background every 15 minutes and other notifications coming in. I believe it could have lasted a couple more hours (maybe 2 more?) with internet turned  off and display brightness at say 50%. But is 6 to 8 hours of non-stop video battery time good enough for you or not? You decide.

More test results to come tomorrow in my full review.

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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