Uber is coming to Nigeria. Without a doubt. We’re still not sure of when, but I’m pretty certain I now know where.

Uber’s Nigerian job postings that first put us on to their interest in this market seeks applications from people resident in Lagos and Abuja. That suggests that they intend to launch in both cities.

Uber lagos

This Twitter account, @Uber_Lagos started following me yesterday. Its impish bio, “Lagos, you’re on our radar :)”, says all we need to know.

I searched and could not find an Uber Abuja Twitter account. Ergo, Lagos is Uber’s first Nigerian bus stop. The federal capital territory will have to patiently wait its turn.

And now, the online cab guys on the ground at least know where the first onslaught is coming from.

Why Lagos first? I don’t know what Uber’s advance team is thinking, but I know that Lagos is the easiest place to command premiums for cabs. Abuja’s taxis are ridiculously cheap in comparison. Those familiar which the taxi value chain will probably be able to construct more tenable theories.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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