We have just been tipped off, by an anonymous source, about MTN’s supposed plans to enter the music streaming space big time.

The streaming service, Music+, will be mobile and web based. With Music+, MTN subscribers will be able to stream and also download songs for offline streaming,  at the rate of N50 per download. Music+ will come with tons of other features including Callertunez integration, Cloud storage for personal music library and the ability to gift songs to friends.

Our source also provided us with supposed screenshots of Music+. They look pretty tacky. Our guess is that these are probably mock ups for a proposed product. Or maybe we are being punked. For one, the font used in the graphics below is Impact. MTN’s default font is Myriad Pro.

screenshot 1



According to our source, the service is in Beta and is likely to launch in July. TC has gotten in touch with MTN for comment. We keep you posted on any further details

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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