Yesterday saw the unveiling of the Infinix Zero, a low cost Android smartphone with mouth-watering specs. Set to begin shipping this September, Konga has the exclusive distribution rights in Nigeria.

Konga CEO himself, Sim Shagaya was at the unveiling yesterday. He talked about how the Infinix Zero is plenty value for money and how Konga is proud to be associated with the future of mobile in Nigeria. He however missed to point out that the Infinix Zero comes bundled with a working native Konga app. And it actually is quite impressive.


My first impression is that the UI is clean and intuitive UI and navigation is really smooth. Just like in the website, you can shop by category and add items to your cart as you go on. But everything is implemented in a way that is native to Android.


It looks like you can also make payments from the app. I haven’t tried buying anything yet to see exactly how that works.


If maybe there was a way to implement one click payments on this thing, probably operator billing, Konga would make a killing.

I’m however a bit disappointed that the app is heavily dependent on an internet connection. While that’s obviously necessary for functions like querying stock and loading item images, simple actions like removing items from the cart or adding more units to specific items should not have to require you wait for the screen to load while the app connects to Konga servers. That kinda ruins the User Experience.


I’m not so much bothered about having to connect to the internet. I just wish such basic actions were processed locally and then synced in the background.

Nevertheless, it’s a really good app from Konga and there’s plenty room for improvement.

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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