SoccerQuiz is an online football quiz game.

Upon registration on, Users get to choose a team or category to answer questions on. Categories are limited as of now, but Soccer Quiz creator, Segun Adeyemi tells TechCabal that they will “continuously add topics and categories to make content fresh and exciting”

Soccer Quiz has a number of rules

  • Each game in each category contains 10 questions.
  • You have 60 seconds to answer the questions
  • Each correct answer earns you a point which is equivalent to one naira airtime on any network.
  • Your points determines your position on the the category’s leaderboard.
  • You can only play each category twice daily.
  • You can only play the game five times daily

Winners get rewarded with airtime. But the rules and the associated rewards limit maximum daily earnings to N50, which can be redeemed as mobile airtime.



You are not going to get rich playing this game. But the real draw, according to Segun, is participating in a community that is passionate about football. The plan is to get people to interact and compete with their knowledge of soccer news, fact and trivia.

SoccerQuiz is still in beta, to gather initial user feedback. It is not clear how Segun intends for the platform to monetise, but as far as we can see, the basic technical premise works.

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