Kandengue, a two-year old gaming startup based in portuguese-speaking Angola plans on positioning itself for the Anglo and Francophone regions of Africa in the new year. While it considers its main competition to be Interactive Load, another older Angolan game studio, it will find no shortage of contenders in those new areas.

Kandengue’s HTML5-based platform aggregates titles from around the world, according to the founder, Gabriel Tomas Ivaba.

“We develop games for web and mobile, and we’ve released Kandengue.com featuring many Flash and HTML5 games from many developers around the world as well as our own (Kandengue) games”.

On Kandengue.com, gamers are allowed up to four games before they are required to register. Some of the startup’s games are mobile, available on Android.

At the moment the online gaming end of Kandengue is primarily targeted at Portuguese speaking countries as the website is in Portuguese language, but the plan is to cater to English, French and Lingala speakers in the course of 2015.

Photo Credit: włodi via Compfight cc

Lulu Fadoju Author

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