Connectedify is a remote monitoring app that helps users keep tabs on their circle of friends, family and associates.

Connectedify allows for real-time geo-tagging of members in your “trust circle”. The app features in-app messaging, SOS alert in emergency cases and allows users track lost or stolen phones. The app also records the location of each member of the circle over a 90 day period. Users simple get notifications on the location of other members of the circle; whenever members of the circle arrives or leaves a predefined location. Individual members of a circle can take control of the location sharing tool, thereby indicating their location at will. Members of the circle can also indicate specific locations by dropping a pin on the map.

A user simply needs to create a circle (either of friends or family) and invite others into the circle via email notification. This therefore gives the invitees access to the circle’s features.


Users can opt for free access, but with limited functionality. Membership is for two persons, among other things; while the premium package runs on a yearly $15 dollar subscription fee per circle, thereby giving users access to all in-app features as well as unlimited membership.

According to Connectedify’s co-founder, Sunday Akinsete, “Connectedify is a platform that enables families and loved ones to change the way they organize, communicate and stay safe. Our private group messaging technology and location sharing capability simplifies daily communication between family members, helping them stay informed, secured and connected all the time.”

The app might initially strike one as a tool for the nosy, however the fundamental essence of this app is to reveal the locations of the users to their trusted circle of associates. This therefore ensures a degree of security for all members of the group.

Connectedify is founded by the trio: Akinsete Samuel, Femi Taiwo and Akinsete Sunday.

The app is available on the Play Store for Android devices.

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Lulu Fadoju Author

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