Founded by Benadatte Kaggwa, Nnunji.com, is a Kenyan online marketplace for handcrafts from artists and curators.

Kaggwa says the website aims to be one-of-its-kind in both the local and international accessories market with all product packaging produced from natural materials such as softwood and sackcloth. The e-commerce platform is similar to Esty, an American website where you can buy handcrafted items ranging from phone cases to jewellery.

“We are inspired by the idea that a lady’s accessories always add a touch of style to her appearance, making even the simplest of outfits look quite attractive and appealing to the eye of its beholder,” Kaggwa said. “When the design is customized to her personal taste and preference, she can walk out of the house feeling like one-in-a-million.”

Nnunji.com is not the only Kenyan website dedicated to handmade accessories. Vouch and Soko are both Kenyan websites that are dedicated to help artisans sell their wares online to both local and international customers.

With Nnunji, Kaggwa wants to help showcase handmade accessories from local artisans in Kenya and give them a presence in the international market and to consumers and all with a personal touch.

Photo Credit: purplbutrfly via Compfight cc

Deola Adebiyi Author

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