BlackBerry has recently announced new features coming with their latest update for BBM for Android, iOS and Blackberry 10. These features include custom BBM PINs, Android Wear Support, password protection and landscape mode for iOS users, the ability to have multiple BBM channel contributors and share photos in group chats.

BBM users who upgrade will be able to create a 6-8 digits alphanumeric Custom PIN of their choice and these PINs can be purchased in the BBM Shop for $1.99 USD per month. BBM users can also purchase a no-ad subscription that will remove ads from the BBM Feed for $0.99 USD per month.

BBM also now supports a wide range of Android Wear smartwatches and with the latest update, BBM for Android Wear users will be able to do a host of things like receive alerts on their watch, read BBM messages, respond to messages and accept BBM invites from the watch without the need to access their smartphone.

“This update gives users even more control over the BBM experience by adding new personalization and privacy options,” said Herman Li, SVP BBM Software Development. “By tailoring the update to take advantage of platform specific features such as Touch ID on iOS and Android Wear support we are able to enhance the overall experience uniquely for each platform.”

This update is for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android BBM users and is already available in BlackBerry World and Google Play and will be coming to the App Store coming soon. It can take up to 24 hours for the update to appear in your app store. No word on any updates for Windows Phone users.

Photo Credit: Daniel Y. Go via Compfight cc

Deola Adebiyi Author

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