Iweorin.com is a music lyrics website that seeks to provide lyrics to Nigerian songs. It also provides translation and meaning to songs sung in the local dialect and in English.

The 2 week old website was born out of a personal need and structured on the idea of a community project that allows limitless contributions from its users.

“This project was born out of a personal need, I love music based on contents and not just the beat and most popular Nigerian songs are not in English and it’s hard to follow,” Ari Biton, founder of Iweorin, said. “Iweorin was built on the idea of community project where by anybody can contribute with no limit or restrictions or reviews, you can just edit and change any song or upload new ones and it will be available to the world with due recognition.”

The website is a Wiki that allows users add or edit lyrics indiscriminately. The lyrics and translations are provided and can be edited by any user.To add or edit lyrics on Iweorin.com, all you need is to login with a Facebook account.

The Iweorin app is only available on Android Playstore for now

Yemi Olutoye Author

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