Zimbabwe-based telco, Africom is offering 6GB of data for $6.

One dollar for every gigabyte is significant. While not nearly as robust as a telco ISP in terms of coverage areas, it is considerably cheaper for those who happen to fall into its broadcast radius. Africom currently has 26 wifi-hotspots in Harare with some coverage in Mutare and Chinhoyi.

In Nigeria for instance a “cheaper” 1GB data plan costs $5 on the Etisalat network. Africom’s data pricing is part of a larger aggressive marketing strategy by telcos and ISPs in Zimbabwe.

Africom is also offering 10GB and 20GB of data for $10 and $20 respectively. However, purchasing data below 6GB does not follow the $1 to a gigabyte logic. It gets more expensive.

As reported by Techzim, The offer will see Africom provide wifi hotspots to “consumers in gated residential and business communities.” Africom will also deploy wifi-voucher vendors called “wifi-preneurs” to these areas.

Subscribers using Africom’s wifi-voucher will be able to use their data as long as they want so long they are within Africom’s coverage radius. There is no specific timeframe limiting its use.

Source: Techzim

Photo Credit: jarawees via Compfight cc

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