A new lifestyle website, touchph, has launched in Port Harcourt, positioned to be the authoritative guide to the city.

“[The] new website seeks to address some of the basic needs of the digital generation of the city [Port Harcourt] “,  the designer and concept developer, Perez Tigidam, told TechCabal.

Perez designed the website, in partnership with a team at the Lagos-based brand management firm, Arden & Newton, as part of a 15 year phased project to create a smart neighbourhood and address the basic need of its youth population.

According to Perez, the project is building on the success of the twitter account @TouchPH that was launched for the purpose in 2010, and solely focused on Port Harcourt  for now.

For now, the website, launched earlier in the week, is aggregating information and thought-pieces about the city. Other menu options including real estate listing, jobs profiling, cabs services are “coming soon”.

The website has a smooth interactive look and feel. Looks like they really meant business when they said “touch”ph. The mobile version is just as good; dynamic and responsive.

Port Harcourt (PH) is one of the upwardly mobile cities in Nigeria located in Rivers State, southern Nigeria. Curiously, the city, renowned for its oil has been largely laid back with slow paced economic and social dynamics. Whether this will be the perfect “pick me up” for the city is yet to be seen.

Image via: touchph

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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