I just discovered “Dino Run” on Chrome. Of course that’s not what Chrome is calling the cute little T. Rex endless runner game you can launch during network downtimes, but we have agreed here at TC to call it that until Chrome comes up with a name, if they ever.

If you know your Chrome, you would have noticed the 2D dinosaur, stoic and unmoving, but the latest iteration of Chrome – Canary, allows you guide the lonely Dino through a 2D desert, scaling cacti of varying sizes in an endless run like your Temple Run or Agent Dash. All you have to do is tap the spacebar and phoosh, the Dino takes off.

Like the typical endless runner, all you need do is run as long as you can, until you run out of luck. Use the the up and down button to scale the cacti that pop up along the way, because that’s all your Dino can do; jump up and down for dear life.

Apparently, this is one of Google’s many easter eggs. The Search giant has not issued any statement on the in-browser game, and we really don’t expect them to. It’s not the first time in a culture that started prominently with the Google doodle that had since become a big part of the search giant’s operations.

Interestingly, “Dino Run” has been running for a while now, since late 2014 infact

, but, ofcourse, I  only just caught the fever.

“Dino Run” could be pretty addictive, especially when you are trying to beat your colleague’s highscore. I have the highest at TC as at the time of writing this at 943.

Here is the screenshot to prove it.

Fullscreen capture 19032015 100423

Thankfully, the page refreshes automatically immediately internet connection is restored, taking gamers back to the job they are actually getting paid for. Maybe not so good when you are on the verge of beating a highscore, but then again, we imagine Google doesn’t expect gamers to spend valuable company resources on perpetual play.

Image via: omgchrome/stshank via Compfight cc

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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