People have gone to the polls, but as we are waiting for the final results, a lot of unverified information is swirling around. News organisations are struggling to catch up, and indeed, what news they have is filled with rhetoric, not data or figures. The best place to find the closest to realtime information is the internet, and as far as realtime goes, Twitter is unmatched.

Here is a list of 10 Twitter handles you should totally follow to get realtime updates about the elections:






Situation room









sahara reporter





The final results for the presidential election will be announced tonight, these Twitter handles will come in handy in monitoring reactions to the results and also tracking the gubernatorial and state legislature elections taking place next week.

Image via:businessreviewusa

Lulu Fadoju contributed to this post.

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Members of Nigerian Cyber Army (NCA), the group that hacked Nigeria’s electoral commission over the weekend were comfortably ensconced behind their cryptic pseudonyms …until a thread on Nairaland released social media details of some of them.

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