Phase3 Telecom has announced plans to begin the deployment of aerial fiber optic infrastructure from Kano, Nigeria to Gazaoua, Republic of Niger. The 228 km-long fiber optic link will run from Kano through Katsina state before arriving at Gazaoua.

“The Republic of Niger has one of the lowest internet penetration rates in West Africa.  The lack of backbone infrastructure between the Republic of Niger and its neighbours leaves Niger unable to fully enjoy the broadband advantage to its fullest. The country will now have the opportunity to leverage on the huge bandwidth capacity, which is already available at the Nigerian coast in Lagos via the Phase3 Telecom aerial fiber network,” a representative said in a mail to Techcabal.

This development will also widen the market for undersea cable owners in Nigeria while enhancing broadband development in Niger.

The project is one of Phase3 Telecom’s commitment to building backbone infrastructure across West Africa to deliver regional connectivity through their network.

Phase3 Telecom is one of Africa’s leading independent aerial fibre optic network infrastructure and telecommunications services provider.

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