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Traffic Lite is a traffic monitoring app that allows users upload and view real-time traffic report on their route.

Users simply have to register on the app by filling their name, email address, phone number and password and they are good to go. Upon registration users will be able to get live traffic reports from other road users as uploaded on the app.

The app has a native mapping system that simply drops a pin at your location and another at your destination with a meandering line that connects both points. The app subsequently reads the average speed of the user and updates the traffic report accordingly, the down side to this however is that the app does not clarify the users means of transportation, so in a situation where the user decides to walk, the app will report “crawling” traffic, which will not be an accurate reflection of the road traffic.



Traffic Lite allows users upload real time traffic reports and comment on activities such as police check points, accidents and the likes. There is also the social side of the app that allows users connect with friend by adding them up on the in-app messaging platform, Traffic Lite Social. On this social platform, users can view the the previous journeys embarked upon by their friends and also share custom routes with them.

There is a gap between what the app is expected to do and its effectiveness so far, as the developers need to literarily drive traffic to the app in other to provide users with a robust real time traffic situation. Uploads are mostly from commuters moving through a location, there is almost no way to discover if the traffic situation remains unchanged since the previous user’s entry.

It is currently not the most reliable source of traffic information, at least till it figures out how to make real-time traffic information available and differentiates between a commuter who stops by the roadside from one stuck in traffic.

Traffic Lite is available on the Google Play Store and the Blackberry App World.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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