Highway Flee is an endless runner game developed by Thrivia Studios.

Drawing from the love hate relationship between commercial vehicle drivers and security operatives in Lagos, the objective of the game is to basically stay ahead of the police patrol vehicle.

The game is set in Lagos, with the gamer controlling a tricycle while being chased by a police pursuit vehicle.

There’s no line introducing you to why you’re being chased, you jump right into the action. The vehicle is constantly in motion and you must navigate through barricades and other vehicles while you escape from the police. There are also power ups and gallons of fuel which you grab to keep your engine running.

At the initial stage, you start with a tricycle and as you accumulate the in-app currency – gallons – which you can use to purchase advanced commercial vehicle from a range of fifteen options ranging from Kabu Kabu to Badoo.

Instead of waiting to accumulate enough gallons to make vehicle acquisition, you can purchase gallons ranging between 350,000 gallons for 99 cents to the ultimate OPEC connection which is equal to three million gallonsl for $20.99 in the in-app store.

A unique feature of the app is that players can lock their pickups which will make it impossible for any other person that picks up the device from making any purchase without due authorization.

Thrivia Studios was founded by Fagoyinbo, Opeyemi(Creative Lead) and Adebayo Olalekan(Lead Modeller). The game is available on the Play Store and according to the developers it will soon be available for iOS and Windows devices.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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