Twitter is launching a premier league follower map application, @premierlegue, which allows football fans to see detailed global breakdown for the followers of all 20 clubs.

In a statement made available to TechCabal, the developer, Krist Wongsuphasawat, designed it to discover which teams dominate each country and more importantly, where loyalties lie at a district level in Nigeria.

PL Map

“The map was created by looking at the official Twitter accounts for each team, using their followers as an indicator of allegiance. You can discover at a glance which teams dominate each country around the world,” excerpt from the press release.

The primary view of the map displays at a glance which teams dominate each country around the world, however, the map can be explored deeper to find your club, compare clubs and find the most popular club.

“Because each country divides municipalities differently (counties, states, territories etc.), we employed a technique called hexagonal binning, which divides the map into equally-sized hexagons, like a honeycomb, so you can see fandom by region instead of treating each country as one big region,” another excerpt reads.


Amazingly a glance at the map for Nigeria revealed that Arsenal dominates (26.10%), while only pockets of Manchester United (25.17%) and Chelsea (18.04%) followers are noticeable –to my dismay, oh well.

Each view of the interactive map can be tweeted or embedded by clicking either the ‘tweet this view’ or ‘embed this view’ buttons at the top of the screen.

Click here to check the followership status for your favourite club.

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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