Facebook’s new caller ID app, Hello will allow users detect caller IDs of unknown numbers, block unwanted calls and search for people, businesses and places.

Facebook is officially rolling out Hello app for public testing today in the US, Brazil, and Nigeria. Hello is exclusive to Android devices.

The application requires a Facebook account for sign up. Hello does a quick Facebook graph search on people’s unknown contacts on incoming or outgoing calls, and relays more information about them provided they are signed up to Facebook.

Hello Product Manager Andrea Vaccari says “there’s a big problem to solve, more than 1 billion phone calls are made in the US every day but the experience of the phone call hasn’t evolved in a long time.”

Hello works just like TrueCaller, the unique proposition for Hello is possibly in its ability to let users contact companies and businesses directly. Provided said businesses have those details on Facebook.

It is available on Play Store for download.

Image via: Facebook

Bolade Popoola Author

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