Turns out it is not the endless haranguing from sweet-voiced female entry level marketers that rakes in new accounts for Nigerian banks.

According to the latest Playspread infographic summarizing the state of the Nigerian banking industry, the most rewarding conversion funnel for banks is the proximity of their branches to potential account holders.

“A strong branch presence is still a major reason customers choose a bank,” reads the sentiment summary made available to Techcabal.

Keeping new customers on board and active requires a reliable mobile and internet banking infrastructure, according to Playspread analytics. Interestingly, call center/customer service, which is the level at which marketers play, is coming at a distant 5th on the relevant interaction and retention points for bank customers.

The infographic is drawn from Playspread’s comprehensive State of Industry; Banking Sentiment Report, which relied on sentiment analysis of data from social media, Youtube and traditional TV and radio processed for twelve product categories and five touchpoint for 10 Nigerian banks. The infographic displays results for only 5 banks, Playspread says “the full report is available on subscription”.

If these latest data from Playspread are anything to go by, banks in Nigeria may have to begin to rethink their conversion pipeline and rejig the marketing budget.

Check out other data points from the infographic.

State of Industry - banking sentiments- 2015 (2) (1)

Photo Credit: jaaron via Compfight cc

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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