Over the past few months, diverse group of individuals shared with us how they began their career in programming.

This is the last story in the series. It’s been enjoyable while it lasted, and I’m sure that these stories will serve as inspiration for those thinking of pursuing a career in coding.

Solomon Iroegbu shares with us how he began coding.

1-1-mua ni

Solomon Iroegbu
Some years back, I got a job as a Computer Engineer in a company to maintain their systems and do general I.T work. My main work didn’t involve coding, but I did a lot of other stuff on my PC and in my spare time, I asked my boss questions about web design and development. She gave me assignments on some projects that has already been done before to redo them. It took me almost a month to finish and debug common static website. I studied through Youtube, Code Academy, Udemy and subscribed to some ‘learn to program’ tutorials online.

I believe the learning process is never-ending  — I’m still learning up till now. As Alberth Einstein says, “If You Stop Learning You Start Dying”.

I was introduced to a web guru from Tanzania who is a Software Developer who also promised to coach and answer my entire question because he saw the zeal in me to learn. He gave me some articles on which almost consumed my 32g flash drive to read on. He gave me his Skype username, Foreign phone number and Email Address to always get in touch with him if the need arises.
I learnt to design a web site because of my love and zeal for it. At first it was so difficult for me, but I challenged myself to learn how to code. I was determined and focused. Self learning rocks!

Solomon Iroegbu (@solopee007) is a Professional Web Designer at Altokom Limited. 

Chioma Nkemdilim Author

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