Call it the Snapchat of job application forms.

Nigerian commercial bank, Access Bank is recruiting, in this weird and unconventional manner.

TechCabal came upon the bank’s recruitment website earlier today, which opens up an application portal for a 10 minute window every 24 hours. Access Bank says on the website that this term portal, which opened for the first time today, will come up everyday till June 10th, 2015.

Access Bank is calling the disappearing portal, “1010”; the ten minute job opening. TechCabal source at Access Bank says the portal takes applicants into an Einstein Puzzle, which the source says is easy to solve with a fair amount of patience and attention to details.

The puzzles are capped to be answered in 10 minutes, and an applicant will be directed to another gateway to submit his/her resume when s/he solves the puzzle. If the applicant couldn’t solve the puzzle though, s/he can take another stab the day after. According to our source, however, users have a maximum of three trials before saying a sad goodbye to landing a position with the bank.

The Nigerian tech and software space is not new to weird and unconventional. Mark Essien of Nigeria’s hotel booking site, recently recruited for an undisclosed position he announced on twitter, via a series a geeky questions that only one person genius answered satisfactorily.

There are no talks on what specific positions Access Bank is recruiting for, it is most likely a general recruitment. Check out the the portal here.

Image via: madailygist

[Update: 10:30am] Access Bank job portal is experiencing a downtime. Technical issues resulting from the number of people that are trying to access the quiz during a ten minutes window. The technical team is currently working on accomodating the traffic surge.

[Update 11am] : The site is back up and the portal open. The disappearing portal also appears to be permanently open for now. I managed to get in there and found the questions, actually the one question, are (is) hardly puzzling.

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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