Orbi is a social networking service that enables users share and receive voice notes. It’s like Twitter, but for voicenotes. Orbi allows you record, listen and share voice notes known as “orbs”. Each voice note is limited to 9 seconds.

Sort of like Twitter, users create a profile, follow people of interest, mention specific individuals while sending a VN across or just publish the VN on your timeline. Other features allow users favourite orbs, reply orbs and even reorb (works like retweets).

Besides the voicenotes which are the primary mode of communicating on Orbi, users can add captions and pictures to their orbs.

Launched on May 1, 2015, MyOrbi was founded by the duo, Tomi Walker and Okare Shaba, who serve as the CEO and Android Lead respectively. The startup has raised an unspecified amount of funding through angel investment.

Orbi can be downloaded via its website or directly on the Google Play Store.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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