Oluwasayo Oladeji is  iROKO TV’s first millionaire-engineer, Jason finally announced on his blog not long ago.

Couple weeks back, Jason announced that the company was willing to pay a good fee for new hires at iROKO’s product, design and engineering team as well as give one million to the top tester at the interviews. Well, Oluwasayo became the winner with a score of 324/400 out of around 200 developers who took the test.


“We have a winner. Oluwasayo Oladeji came first in the Engineering at iROKO test. His score? 324/400,” Jason Njoku said on his blog, “It took a little time to verify the results and for him to collect the outsized cheque as, surprisingly, he isn’t based in Lagos.”

The company aims to hire 15-20 engineers and hopes to complete the process before the end of July.

TechCabal will do a profile on Sayo in the coming days.

Images: Jason

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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