How much do developers earn in Nigeria? It’s the question developers want to know — just look at this insane thread on Radar — but few are willing to disclose themselves.

This makes our job a little harder. Depending on whom you ask, developer salaries can swing wildly from N100,000/month to as much as a million naira (or even more) for senior roles. Apparently, developer salaries also depend a lot on how well they can “negotiate” with their new employers. The negotiations typically require the applicant to use their existing code portfolio and experience as leverage to improve their final take-home number.

After a lot of asking around, we were able to arrive at one solid conclusion. An entry level developer in Nigeria with a decent amount of skill can expect to earn between N100,000 – N250,000. There will be of course be those who get paid less, and some who earn more, but that range seems to be the mean. Which probably explains why iROKO’s entry level developer package

is set at N150,000.

We’ve created a chart of what developer salaries at some of the more popular Nigerian startups look like.


Photo Credit: Tax Credits via Compfight cc

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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